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                Royal Riviera :: Waterfalls

Waterfalls in Ernakulam


Mulamkuzhi Waterfalls is in a tiny village near Malayattur which is supposed to have medicated water from the River Mulamkuzhi. It is a picturesque location and a very famous tourist site

Mulamkuzhi Waterfalls

Waterfalls in Idukki


Loated just 9 kms from Munnar is breathtakingly  beautiful waterfalls and rolling hills, Attukal, located between Munnar and Pallivasal, is a feast for the senses. The place is also ideal for long treks.

Attukal Waterfalls


The Cheeyappara waterfall is located between Neriamangalam and Adimali on the Kochi - Madurai highway. The Cheeyappara Falls cascades down in seven steps. It is a real feast for the eyes. This is also a great place for trekking.



Nyayamakad Located between Munnar and Rajamala, 10km away from Munnar. The captivating surroundings make an outstanding picnic spot and trekking point. Nyayamakad is a land of scintillating waterfalls with water cascading down from a height of around 1,600 metres. Pallyvasal Hydel Power Project and the tea plantations are other attractions.

Nyayamkad Waterfalls

Power House Waterfall

The spot is enriched with the scenic western mountain ranges. This waterfall is on the way to Thekkady from Munnar cascades down a steep rock 2000 m above sea level. And it is an ideal place for a break on the way to the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary in Thekkady. It is 18 km from Munnar.

Power House Waterfall

Thommankuthu Waterfall

Thommankuthu waterfall is a beautiful seven-step waterfall offering salubrious weather. Amidst verdure foliage, this shimmering waterfall is a perfect place to spend time in the lap of nature. Thommankuthu waterfall tours will allow tourist to savor the wild beauty of forest and stream. Tours to Thommankuthu Waterfalls in Kerala with Kerala Travel Tourism truly has something for everyone. If you are looking for an adventurous vacation, Thommankuthu waterfall tours offer all the adventure you can handle.

Thommankuthu Waterfall

Waterfalls in Kozhikode (Calicut)


Snuggled cosily in the Western Ghats, are the gurgling waterfalls of Thusharagiri. Meaning the snow capped mountains; Thushargiri exhibits a unique kinship between the land and water. The three waterfalls on the backdrop of the Western Ghats provide an exhilarating and spellbinding sight to the visitor.

Thusharagiri Waterfall

Waterfalls in Kottayam

Kesari Waterfalls

The Kesari waterfalls, also known as Valanjamkanam falls, lies between Kuttikanam and Murinjapuzha on the Kottayam-Kumaly route. Valanjamkanam is a 3 hr. journey from Kottayam by any bus to Kumaly; trek to Kuttikanan offers additional adventurous spirit and closeness to nature.

Maramala Waterfalls

This lies a few kms away from Eerattupetta. It is exactly 7 kms from Teekoy rubber estate. From here a private vehicle can take you further 2 kms after which the road is not motor able. To reach the falls one has to trek through the estate over the rocky path. The waterfall is about 60 metres in height, falling into a 12-meter deep pool and joins the River Teekoy way down.

Waterfalls in Palakkad (Palghat)


A Dhoni waterfall is a 3 hours trek from the base of the Dhoni Hills. A thick reserve forest surrounds it. Dhoni is about 15 kms from Palakkad. There is a splendid waterfall among other captivating sights. It can be reached only after a fairly long climb of 3 hrs from the base of the Dhoni hills.

Dhoni Waterfall


Meenvallam Waterfall, Travel to Meenvallam Waterfall, Tourist attractions of Kerala, Tours HolidaysA Meenvallam waterfall is around 8kms from Thuppanad junction on the Palakkad- Manarkkad route. It is a combination of enchanting beauty and scenic splendor. The water falls from nearly 20 to 25 feet and the depth is around 15-20 feet.There are 10 steps of waterfalls of which eight are situated in the upper hills inside the dense forest. They are inaccessible, only the remaining two steps are accessible. One has to hire a jeep from Koomankund junction and then trek a distance of 1.5 km by crossing the river Thuppanad.

Meenvallam Waterfall

Waterfalls in Pathanamthitta:


The water falls in the river Pamba at Perumthenaruvi attract thousands of people. This is a beautiful natural waterfall and an ideal place for trekking. It is only 10 kms. from Erumeli.

Perumthenaruvi Waterfall

Waterfalls in Quilon (Kollam)

Palaruvi Waterfalls

Palaruvi waterfalls is 75 Kms away from Kollam on the Kollam-Shenkottai road near Aryankavu. There are frequent buses from Kollam to Aryankavu. This waterfall is one of the attractions in Kerala.

Palaruvi Waterfalls

Waterfalls in Trichur (Thrissur)

Athirapally and Vazhachal Waterfalls

Athirappally Waterfalls is located 78 kms from Kochi (Cochin), located at the entrance to Sholayar ranges, this waterfall is a popular picnic spot. Affording to the onlookers, one of the most bewitching sights, Athirappally Falls is about 80 feet high and located in the forest area. Combined with the greenery, it infuses freshness into any tired soul. The Athirapally Falls join the Chalakkudy River after plummeting a drop of 80 feet.

Athirapally and Vazhachal Waterfalls

Waterfalls in Trivandrum

Aruvi Waterfalls

Aruvi Waterfalls is located at a distance of 60 km from Thiruvananthapuram and 7 km from Bonecaud estate. It is one of the most verdant and untouched spots in Kerala. Road accessibility is only up to Bonecaud, and you have to walk the rest of the distance. Prior permission from the forest department is required for visiting the area.

Aruvi Waterfalls

Kombaikani and Meenmutti Waterfalls

Two glitterig waterfalls, Kombaikani and Meenmutty Waterfalls are situated on the upper reaches of the Neyyar Reservoir in Thiruvananthapuram District.Located near Kallar, on the way to Ponmudi from Thiruvananthapuram, the waterfalls along with its serene surroundings offers a unique and invigorating experience. A trek of two kms from Kallar, through dense forests, would take one to Meenmutti waterfalls and a further two kms, to the Kombaikani waterfalls.On the way to the waterfalls, one could come across ample bird life, and many species of butterflies.

Kombaikani and Meenmutti Waterfalls

Waterfalls in Wayanad

Chethalayam Waterfalls

About 12 km from Sultan Bathery, near Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, is a popular tourist spot known as Chethalayam Waterfalls. Chethalayam is one of Wayanad's smaller waterfalls. It's surroundings offer a number of vantage points for bird-watching. It is also popular with trekking enthusiasts. One has to trek for about 4 km across hills to reach the scenic picnic spot.

Chethalayam Waterfalls

Kanthanpara Waterfalls

Kanthanpara Waterfalls is situated 12 km southeast of Kalpetta and 8 km east of Meppadi in Wayanad. The waterfall is surrounded on both sides by beautiful tea gardens. This magnificent 99 ft cataract is an ideal spot for a day-long picnic. The nearest railway station is at Kozhikode. Calicut Airport is the closest airport.

Athirapally and Vazhachal Waterfalls

Meenmutty Waterfalls

Meenmutty Falls is located 29 km from Kalpetta in Wayanad District in the state of Kerala, India. It is a three-tiered waterfall with a height of 300 metres.Meenmutty Falls, the largest and most spectacular waterfall in the Wayanad District, is a 2 km hike though the jungle from the main Ooty Road.It is Kerala's second largest waterfall and the one most unspoiled in its natural setting. Each of its three tiers requires a separate hike through a moist, deciduous forest.The path is quiet dangerous and tiresome.but the waterfalls is worth it.

Sentinal Rock Water Fall

Sentinel Rock Waterfalls, a popular picnic spot, is located at Vellarimala village, near Chooralmala, in Wayanad District of Kerala. It cascades down from a height of 20 meters. The sentinel rock, 200 meters high, is ideal for rock climbing. Kalpetta is 22 km south.

Soochipara Waterfalls

Soochipara Waterfalls is located 22 kms from Hotel Green Gates . On alighting the vehicle, one can reach the waterfalls after a 2-km walk into the dense equatorial forest of Wayanad. Here, one can find nature at its thundering best. Soochipara is a 3-tiered, powerful waterfall. And the cliff face here is ideal for rock climbing.